Why play Online Baccarat?

Baccarat was long known as a European casino game, long associated with the high-rollers in Monaco, and thus it often attracted the more sophisticated gambler.

In fact, according to some of the largest casinos in Las Vegas, many of the Asian tourists still make baccarat their game of choice.

However, what many people may not know is how simple the game is and the benefits of playing baccarat online,

Cards are valued according to their face values, with the exception of the face cards, which count as zero.

Aces count as one. Cards are added together to arrive at the final count, which must be below 10. So, for example, a 7 and an 8 are dealt, they add up to 15.

Ten is then subtracted to give a final count of five.

Yes, that subtracting takes some getting used to!

Players play against the bank, not against other players. Players bet on either of two hands dealt on the table: the “player” or the “banker”. The hand that comes closer to 9 wins.

When a player or the banker has an eight or a nine after two cards, then this is called a natural and it guarantees a win, barring a tie. The player must draw if the hand is less than six or seven. Each player only gets a maximum of three cards.

This game has a very low house edge, with only three bets available:

Betting on the Player Hand – the house edge is approximately 1.29%.

Betting on the Bank Hand – the house edge is approximately 1.01%.

Betting on a Tie Hand – the house edge is approximately 15.75%.

And because there aren’t numerous cards being dealt, baccarat is often the fastest-moving game online. Not to mention arguably the simplest to bet once you’ve grasped the basics.

Good luck!