Blackjack Betting: Passive or Aggressive?

When it comes to playing casino games, there are two options: you can either play conservatively or you can choose to be aggressive. One way is more passive while the latter is all about going after the risky hands that could wind up paying off handsomely.

Blackjack also fits this mindset but keep in mind set as you can go big or go home. The problem is sometimes you go home a big loser.

So let’s take a closer look at playing blackjack and whether or not the best strategy is to go aggressive, try to hit as much as possible and aim for 21, or play more passively and see if you can beat the dealer as much as possible any way possible.

House has to follow the rules

Obviously, when playing blackjack, it’s ideal to get 21 but remember that 21 is not the main objective of the game; it’s all about beating the dealer.

While the house has the edge over the player, you can use a few rules to your advantage. The house has to strictly follow a few certain rules while the game is going, for example, the dealer has no other choice but to hit when they have a value of 16 in their hand and they have to stand on all hands valued at 17. This cannot be changed, so that can help you decide whether you are going to go for it or if you are going to sit back and hope that the dealer will bust.

Player has options

Remember that you, as the player, will always get the first opportunity to make a play, which can dictate how the hand is going to go. This can be an issue if you have a 14, for example, do you want to wait and take your chances on the dealer going bust or do you want to hit and see if you have what it takes to draw the right card to get closer to 21? This is where your instincts come into play.

It is all about finding the right balance between conservative player and aggressiveness when you are playing the game of online blackjack because some situations will simply scream out that you double down, or split your cards, other times, standing pat is the right strategy. The veterans of the game develop a feel for the cards to have an idea of what they’re likely to see.

Furthermore, blackjack is a big game of probabilities and you can find various charts online that will help you to make your decision. While you are at home, you can even have these charts up and ready to go while you are playing the game so you can make an instant decision.

Those who are too aggressive tend to jump the gun more often than not, which leads to a bank account emptying quickly. On the other hand, being too conservative can cost you a few hands where you could have end up as the winner. The key is you can only figure these things out by playing as much as you can. When you find the middle ground between aggressive play and being conservative, online blackjack can be both fun and profitable.