Blackjack: Minimizing Your Losses

Anyone who loves gaming loves Blackjack. And why not? It’s the cream of the crop, the peak of its field that we all aspire to reach.

Unfortunately, behind its perfection is a game that can be taxing on your emotions and on your wallet. If you don’t know how to maximize your wins and minimize you losses it can be a short day at the tables.

Don’t Play with More than Six Decks

One thing every Blackjack player should know is the more decks you play with, the harder it is to win. Unfortunately, most casinos know this too, and sometimes will try to throw eight or perhaps even 10 decks at you in order to reap the rewards. Six decks is about the perfect amount a player should play with. Trust us when we say if you go any less generally the casino will change other rules in their favor to compensate. Six decks gives you the fairest chance to win and will minimize losses.

Optimal Strategy

We’ve said this a billion times: You must play with optimal strategy to win at Blackjack! This even minimizes your losses during bad beats. The optimal strategy is right under your nose too. Know when to Hold, when to Hit, when to Stand and Double down.

Take a Seat During Bad Beats

Sometimes the cards just aren’t falling your way. The best way minimize your losses in these situations is to relax and take a break when the cards aren’t right. Bad beats happen, bad days at a casino table happen, that’s why it’s better to chill out for a while rather than chase bad cards in order to make your money back.

Dealer Must Hit on Soft 17

One of the best rules that helps optimal strategy is the rule that the dealer must hit on Soft 17. This works because if a dealer Stands, it increases your chances at losing or going Over to beat him. The chances of going over once the dealer reaches 17 are pretty high, that’s why it’s helpful to play at a table where a dealer has to hit 17. Trust us when we say it will minimize your losses.