Blackjack’s Best Bets

How do you truly cash in at one of the greatest card games ever invented? Although you shouldn’t expect to make $15 million playing the game like CEO Don Johnson recently did in Atlantic City, you can make some serious cash if you know blackjack’s best bets.

Doubling Down on 11
This is a cardinal rule that has even made it into a movie or two. You HAVE to “double down” — or double your bet — when you get 11 to maximize your cash. A lot of players just “hit” and are happy with whatever they get. But the chances of beating the dealer when you have two cards that equal 11 are greatly increased so you might as well take advantage of the situation right? Anything 6 and up after doubling down should give you a great chance at beating the dealer.

Splitting Aces
There are good situations to “split” 7s, 8s, and 9s, but when you’re lucky enough to grab pocket Aces it’s the best time.

Now keep in mind that when you split aces you only receive one card after that to make a hand, but it’s still a great opportunity to double your cash. Whenever you have an Ace in blackjack the unlikely-hood of beating the dealer is essentially cut in half, and you have to take advantage to truly pull in cash like the pros.

Know When to Surrender
Sometimes going the French route is a good thing. Sometimes you need to know how to wave the white flag and “surrender”.

That time is when you’re showing 16 (unless you have two 8s, then you should split) and the dealer is showing 9, 10, or Ace.

His chances of beating you have greatly increased, and therefore you should back yourself up by surrendering and getting 50 percent of your wager returned; the other 50 goes to the house. Yes, we know it’s tough to give into a dealer and give up some of you cash before the hand is over but you’ll be the winner most of the time when you see the end result

Hit on 8 and Below
We saved this one for last because it’s a gimme. You have to hit on anything 8 and below if you want to win at the game. No, there is no scenario where standing on 8 will increase your chances of beating the dealer. Even though he has to hit on soft 17.

Even when you pull a pair of 4s, you have to hit unless the dealer shows a 5 or 6, then you can split those cards and try to double up. This is because a 5 or 6 isn’t a good place for a dealer to start his hand.