Super Blackjack Tips

Blackjack — for many it’s not just a game, it’s a way of life. Blackjack was the casino game that really got the information products’ ball rolling. It started many years ago, and no other game has spawned so many books, videos, classes and seminars.

Let’s talk Blackjack tips. Here are seven super Blackjack tips to absorb.

Blackjack Tip One: Sit at Third Base
If you are playing in the real world, make it a point to sit at third base, which is the seat immediately to the right of the dealer.

Blackjack Tip Two: Counting Cards Online
If you are playing online, don’t worry about counting cards. The computer uses a fresh deck for each hand. Therefore, counting doesn’t help you. Many people don’t realize this, so I thought it was wise to point it out.

Blackjack Tip Three: Single or Double Deck Only
Make it a point to never play Blackjack dealt from a shoe. Single deck games in the real world are the best. Double deck is second, and everything else is trash. If you are playing online, check to see how many decks are used. Most good online casinos will offer single deck.

Blackjack Tip Four: Bet Size
Before you sit down to play, figure out what your typical betting unit will be. If you aren?t sure, try dividing your bankroll by 20. For instance, if you are willing to lose $100 maximum, bet $5 units or less.

Blackjack Tip Five: Don’t Always Double Down
Yes, I know what lots of Blackjack drones say about doubling down — always do it, they say. However, if you become a Blackjack pro, you’ll understand that there are times when doubling down isn’t in your favor. For instance, if the dealer has a 10 or face card up, think twice.

Blackjack Tip Six: Split 8s
If the dealer has a 7 or less showing, split your 8s. The general idea is that you’ll have a decent shot at pulling 18 or better on one hand and pushing — by winning one hand and losing the other. The alternative is to keep your 16, which is a lousy hand. Now, if the dealer has a 6 showing, you might want to stand pat.

Blackjack Tip Seven: Don’t Split 10s or Faces
This is a tip for the new players. No matter how tempting it might be, don’t split 10s or faces. Why would you? Your hand is 20, which is one point under the best possible total. Yes, I’ve seen this done plenty of times by new and greedy players. It usually results in disaster.

There you have it. Seven super Blackjack tips to put in your back pocket. Take a moment and scan through them again. These seven tips are something that every winning Blackjack player must know — and does.