Learning the Basics of Caribbean Hold ‘Em

Hungry for some hands of poker but don’t have the time to sit through long tournaments? Meet Caribbean Hold ‘Em, a game that might best be described as Texas Hold ‘Em meets Caribbean Stud poker. Enjoy the style Texas Hold ‘Em style but adds in the big jackpots of Caribbean Stud.

It’s fun, it’s fast and best of all, it pays a lot more if you happen to beat the dealer with a big hand.

The basics

You are playing against the dealer (or you may see them referred to as the house or the banker) instead of your fellow players, so that is a major difference from Texas Hold ‘Em. You and the dealer will both be dealt two cards with your cards facing up and the dealer’s cards facing down. Then the three community cards are dealt, which are the cards that both the dealer and player can use to make the best possible hand.

The player can raise his bet by double the size of his ante wager or they can fold if they feel as though their hand is not good enough to compete with the dealer’s. If you decide to stay in the game and the dealer has a hand that qualifies them to play a round (this is when the dealer has at least a pair of fours), then you go head-to-head.

The jackpot

The game of Caribbean Hold ‘Em features a progressive jackpot that gives you an additional chance to increase your winnings. The payouts for progressive jackpots all depend on how good your hand is. For example, if you have a royal flush, you will receive a 100% payout; for a straight flush, 10%; a four of a kind, $500; a full house, $100; and finally, a regular flush nets $75. This hand comes from the first two cards that the player was dealt, and then the three-card community flop that follows.

The payouts

Overall, the same hands have their own payouts for a regular round of Caribbean Hold ‘Em, led by the royal flush at 200/1. A straight flush gives you 50/1, a four of a kind comes in at 20/1, a full house is 7/1 and a flush is 5/1. A straight comes in at 4/1, a three of a kind pays 3/1, a two pair pays 2/1 and one pair or a high card return even money.

If you are looking for a way to spice up your online poker life, check out Caribbean Hold ‘Em because it is definitely an interesting spin on Texas Hold ‘Em and the progressive jackpot can really add an exciting element. Once you understand that you are playing the dealer and not the other players, you can focus on coming up with different strategies to approach each hand and that can make for the perfect night at a online casino.