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The 2 biggest questions of the NFL offseason

Earlier this week, I made a few predictions about what I think will happen in the NFL this offseason. How the Steelers’ drama with Antonio Brown plays out and where Le’Veon Bell will sign are obviously two major storylines that we’re all watching unfold. But are they the BIGGEST? Not necessarily

Double amputee not backing down from NFL dreams

HOUSTON – Calder Hodge already has one big advantage over all of his other competitors on the football field.  There is no chance he’ll ever suffer season- or career-ending injuries to his knee, ankle or foot. “If I break my knee, then I overnight a replacement,” Hodge said.  That isn’t the only

Are the Redskins really in “Salary Cap Hell”?

I keep reading, on Hogs Haven, comments to the effect that the Redskins are “in cap Hell”, or something similar. I am often surprised by this notion, as the Redskins salary cap structure isn’t in any particular strife. The Jaguars are projected to be over the cap; the Eagles have about $2m in cap

Titans News: Bleak Options?

Tyrell Williams is the #1 receiver on the free agent market. That makes me a bit squeamish. If I was JRob, and I’m not, I would be trying to acquire someone via trade and then Adam Humphries if the cost is reasonable. Willie McGinest is a “proud uncle” of Jayon Brown. Jayon is obviously one of the