Craps Betting and Superstitions

People that go to casinos to play cards and other games can be some of the most superstitious players in the world. The really serious players have their own routines, not that we’d single you out if you brought your lucky rabbit’s foot to table.

If you’re a superstitious player, then getting into community games can throw things out of whack. Like at the craps table, if people roll their dice differently or follow different regiments, it can mess with your superstitions.

That’s why many superstitious players have moved to online casinos. It simply prevents anyone and everyone from messing with your karma.

Rolling superstitions

Some players are adamant that throwing the dice off the table can lead to bad luck at the table, and it can turn into a messy situation if you run into the wrong people. You do not have to worry about that at an online casino as you can never throw the dice off the table, no matter how much you try. Unless you can write some sort of program that hacks into the game and allows you to do it, it is impossible to do this at an online casino.

Other players think that the dice hitting another player’s hand during a roll is a cause of more bad luck but again, this is something that will not come up online because there are no physicals hands to worry about. You can be playing with people all over the world and you are all in the comfort of your own homes (or maybe on a smartphone), where the roll of the dice is controlled and you do not have to worry about it going anywhere.

New players

There has been a superstition in craps for years that a new player can bring a certain kind of luck: a new male is bad luck and a new female is good luck. This happens at tables in online casino but thanks to the internet, you can have no idea if you are playing with a table full of males or females. Even if someone says they are a woman, how you can tell? It’s really one less thing to worry about when you play online craps.

Miscellaneous superstitions

Others superstitions is that players should not say the word “seven” after the point is set, and you should also never be the first player at a table because the dice need to get hot. For the second superstition, that could be an issue but you probably will not be at the table by yourself long, so it should not be a concern. For the former, players cannot say “seven” unless there is some sort of chat and even if they do, you can usually close it, so you will not even know it is happening.

You have too many other things to worry about when playing online craps that you do not need to bring these superstitions to the table; so try not to let them weigh you down.