Craps Betting Strategy: Using CPR

If you’ve got a limited bankroll and want to make the most of it while you’re playing craps, one system that a lot of players find very amenable is dubbed “CPR.” With the CPR system, you can keep your money alive for longer and even stand a chance to have a winning edge. While there are no guarantees in any casino game, CPR is an easy-to-use system. First of all, you’ll want to stick to two numbers: six or eight.

The C in CPR stands for Collect. In this example, we’re going to say that you place a bet on the number six for $6. When it hits the first time, collect your $7 win. You’ll now have a $1 profit even if the shooter hits a seven.

After your second hit, you tell the dealer to Press your bet. They will then add $6 to your place bet and give you a dollar back from the $7 you win. This means that you’ll now have $2 in profit. Are you still with me?

On the third hit, then you’re going to tell the dealer to Regress your bet back to just $6. The dealer is going to give you $20. This is $14 for your place bet win and the $6 that you took down when you regressed your bet. You now have a profit of $22 no matter what happens.

What next? All you need to do is simply the process: Collect, Press and Regress.

This is a very simple system that utilizes bets that have a lower house edge. Except for betting the pass line and “come” bets with odds, (including don’t pass don’t come) placing the six and eight has the lowest house edge of all the craps bets. CPR offers a good, easy-to-understand system for a newcomer or someone who wants to enjoy the excitement of the game without risking very much money. The most you can lose on a shooter is a minimum “Place” bet.

This method can be used with more than one place bet but you should treat each number separately. You are looking for the repeating numbers. A little CPR just might save your bankroll on your next trip to the tables. While no system can change the house edge this might win you a little more money if you come across a hot shooter.