Etiquette at the Craps Table

Is there a cooler casino game out there than Craps?

First of all, you get to roll dice to win cash. If you start winning people surround you and cheer. You can yell out cool stuff like “give me an eight!” or “poppa needs a new pair of shoes!” And if things really get going girls may even start blowing on your dice (no pun intended)!

However, to not look completely like a douche while doing all this, you have to make sure you’re using proper Craps etiquette.

Nothing will make you look more amateur than not knowing some of the rules that need to be followed when playing the game.

That’s why we’re giving you some tips on proper etiquette at the Craps table.

Know the Game Before Playing
This is especially true when playing offline. If you’re a new player you probably think you win at Craps by rolling non-stop sevens and avoiding the dreaded “snake eyes.” But it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Craps is a game that can take forever between rounds if players are making bets and everyone is trying to figure out who’s going to be the “Shooter” (the guy who throws the dice). It’ll slow things even more if you’re asking simple questions in between rounds as well. If you simply play the “pass” and “don’t pass” lines the game will remain relatively simple. However, if you plan on spreading your wealth around most of the table you need to know the odds, payouts and general rules.

No Drinks on the Table
If your table’s rolling and having a good time, nothing will ruin the mood more than you knocking your rum and coke all over the felt and the chips. Almost every table has a shelf underneath specifically for you to store your drink, use it so your role at the table doesn’t change from “shooter” to jackass.

Don’t Lean or Sit Down at the Table
You may find some sit-down tables here and there, but Craps is supposed to a stand-up game. Don’t look like a senior citizen and pull up a chair. Stand up with everyone else.

Shooters Need to Hit the Back of the Table
When shooting the dice make sure they hit the back of the table at the other end. Dealers will often call out “hit the back wall please!” Follow their instructions. Also try not to hit any chips and don’t overdo your throw. Nothing will be more embarrassing than making the dealer get on all fours to find the dice.

Don’t Handle the Dice with More Than One Hand
It’s a simply a security thing. This keeps the “shooter” from illegally swapping the dice.

Don’t Yell Out “Seven”!
Yelling out “seven” on the come out roll is considered bad luck, don’t do it. Also, try not to call out or yell for numbers that would lose other players their bets. Betting the Don’t Pass Line is okay but keep in mind it will probably be a losing number for most of the other players.

Tip the Dealer
This is customary in just about every casino game. To avoid dirty looks from the dealer and others at your table, tip the guy who just helped you make a ton of money. Or you can even make a bet for them by placing chips somewhere on the layout and announcing “for the House.” Just make sure you place a bet on something simple like the Pass Line.