The Basic Of Craps Betting

If you’ve seen a crowd around a table with lots of wild cheering, it’s likely the game is craps/

While there is a variety of games you can play in our online casino, craps is probably the one that overwhelms new players the most. There’s a dice roller, a bunch of numbers and a slew of bets to choose from. Furthermore, it happens at a pretty fast pace that isn’t always clear right away.

Even so, we’ve broken it down so that you can start playing in no time. Here are the basics of craps betting:

Start small

The first thing you have to do is to keep the game simple because there is a lot to digest if you are just trying to learn online craps. If you are just getting into online casinos overall, figuring out the rules to all the games is difficult as it is, but the intricacies will come. Just get the basics down and lay a foundation for starters, and then you can go from there.

Once you buy your chips, you will then have a turn at rolling the dice, or “shooting”, and everyone has a chance to win or lose on their roll – even if they are not the ones shooting. All players get a turn to shoot, although you also have the chance to pass if you do not want to shoot.

Players will keep shooting until they roll a seven, which ends the turn and the dice goes to the next player in line. You should also take into account that a seven equals to the total on both dice; you will never just use one die, you must use two and that is the total that holds up.

The Pass Line bet

The bet that most online craps players will make is the Pass Line bet, which has one of the smallest house edges you will find in a casino (to the tune of 1.41%). The chips you want to wager will go to the Pass Line section of the table, and then the shooter rolls the dice; this is called the Come Out roll. If a seven or 11 comes up, you win and the shooter gets another Come Out roll. If it is a two, three or 12, you lose and again, there is another Come Out roll. If there is a four, five, six, eight, nine or 10, you will begin the point round. The point round is denoted when a puck-looking object is placed on the number that was rolled, and that is called the Point, and you win if the shooter lands on that number again, or lose if they land on another number.

The Pass Line Bet is the first concept that you should learn when it comes to online craps, and you can learn other wagers as you get to them. But understand this before you get to anything else, because the Pass Line bet is going to come up a lot and you can put yourself behind the eight-ball if you are not comfortable with the nuances of it. The rest of the game will come to you.