Omaha High Low – When to Bluff

When you play the game of Omaha High/Low Split there is very little bluffing involved. There are so many cards in play at one time that bluffing is usually a suicide play because someone almost always has the nut hand. The added complication that someone would call your bluff for half of the pot makes bluffing an even riskier play. There are situations in the game where a bluff could work for you, but a lot of things have to occur, and not occur, for it to work. Here is an example of one of those situations.

If the board has two low cards and you think that your opponent is drawing to a low hand as you are, and the turn and the river cards don’t produce a small card, you can attempt to bluff at the pot. If your opponent was on the draw you should be able pick up the entire pot because they will give you credit for the high hand, and there will be no qualifying low hand. This play works better against one opponent, but it can be successful against two.

The only other time you will have some success bluffing in Omaha High/Low Split is early in a hand against one or two players. If you have position on them, and a flop with two or three big cards comes off, you can bet out hoping that they wanted a low flop. Otherwise, stick to making sure you have good draw odds and bet with the lead in this game; bluffing opportunities are very rare.