Flop Betting in Omaha Poker

Get the most out of the flop with these Omaha poker strategy tips.

More than any other poker game, Omaha offers players more reasons to get involved in a hand with betting thanks to the number of chances they have at scoring a decent hand. However, that fact also makes it difficult to be an aggressive flop-better, especially in fixed limit and pot limit games where players are limited as to how much they can lose in a single bet.

To get the most out of your opponents, you’re going to have to visualize how the table is likely to play out and that’s going to require a bit of analysis on your part. We recommend taking the time to analyze how other players approach their hands and see if there are any weaknesses that can be exploited. This is a skill that takes practice, but can make your judgments much easier.

Opponents with less-strong hands are likely to call a small single bet on the flop but will walk away when it’s re-raised, especially when the original bettor could up the stakes again. This is when you can get the most out of a strong but-still-vulnerable hand on the flop if your position is right.

If you have a strong hand on the flop, I recommend checking and seeing how the action plays out. There’s little risk and the pot gets more funding, as long as you’re acting from an early positions. Opponents that are stuck between you and the potential flop raiser are going to be reluctant to call out your two bets, especially if the button gets to re-raise.

Let’s say you’re to the right of the bettor and there’s potential for the other players to bet after you. I’d re-raise to shake them out of the action by making them cold-call a two-bet instead of giving them the chance to creep upward by making two single bets.

With a very strong hand, especially with multi-way potential, the optimal Omaha betting strategy is effectively reversed. In the first situation you would bet from 1st position, hoping that the players in the middle called your single small bet before the button raises, effectively forcing them to call a 2nd bet or fold.

Keep these tips in mind and you’re sure to have a more profitable experience playing poker!