Omaha Poker Strategy: Some Quick Tips For New Players

There are plenty of deep strategy articles on sites like this that explain the world of Omaha to players like you, but let’s be honest: sometimes you want to dive in and play, and you just want a few pointers to help you find your way. I understand that impulse completely and that’s why I’ve created this quick list of tips that can help you take on other newcomers more effectively.

First: Omaha Is A Game Of The Nuts. We repeat that constantly on this site, but you should make sure that you’re always playing for the best hand possible at any given time and if you can’t make it (or get very close) when the flop hits, then you need to fold and walk away. Stay focused on the “nut” possibility. Always know what the three best hands will be regarding what cards are on the table.

Secondly: If you’re holding two pair or three of a kind, you’re probably not going to win. Normally these hands would be considered pretty solid but not in Omaha, as most players will share a similar hand. You’re better off folding and holding out for a better hand.

Third: You should never rise before the flop unless you have Aces or Kings. Another scenario for a raise before the flop would be if you were un-raised on the button with a strong hand that features strong suited connectors and multiple outs.

Fourth: Remember that even with the entire math involved, poker is a game of psychology! Study your opponents religiously! The best time is perhaps when you are not involved in the hand. Look for any signs that may give you an advantage. It could be something as simple as a hand motion to the face or a kink in the neck, but you will only benefit if you really study.

Finally, make sure that you’re patient when you play. Omaha poker is stressful and players will often become very impatient and make mistakes. Your job is to be patient and wait for the right time to make your move. It’s almost like a baseball team that is losing by a few runs; if you’re patient and execute well you will eventually get back into the game and even win.