10 Things You Should Never Say at the Poker Table

The last thing you want to be doing at a poker table is giving away free information about yourself. Skilled players can figure out lots of information about you if you say the wrong thing during a game. That information can be used against you in future hands, and will eventually cost you money. Here’s a list of things that you should refrain from saying at a poker game, whether you’re in a live game or in a chat room online . . .

1. Don’t express that this is your first big tournament, or your first time playing at that blind level. Telling where you are in your poker development helps opponents to categorize your skill level. They will understand most of the moves you attempt to play.

2. Never tell someone you have to leave the game soon. They will know that your time is limited and you’re likely to play a bit looser than normal. They’ll look to get into hands with you and push you around, or trap you with a good hand.

3. Never tell someone what you really held. If you muck your cards and someone tries to convince you to tell them what you had, lie to them. Don’t tell them the truth because they can use that info against you.

4. Don’t tell someone that you’ve been drinking all day. Once they know they will trap your aggression over and over. Let them figure it out on their own if you’ve had a few before sitting down.

5. Never tell your opponents that you like to play small-suited connectors. Let your opponents think that you’re a tight style player. They can find out the hard way that you play small-suited connectors, after you take a big pot off them.

6. Never tell a bad beat story at the table. Nobody wants to hear it, and it shows that you don’t understand that bad beats are just part of the game. Only novice players try to share their bad beat stories with everyone.

7. Don’t tell someone that they’re a bad player. Take their money if they’re a bad player. Don’t embarrass, and perhaps scare away, dead money because they sucked out on you. If they’re really bad that money will come back to you soon enough.

8. Never say what you folded if the hand is still going on. Any information you divulge about your hand could affect the decisions of the players still in it. Remain silent until the hand is over. Then talk about the full house you would have hit if you hadn’t folded pre-flop.

9. Never talk like you’re frustrated and have given up. Even if you feel this way, you shouldn’t tell the rest of the table that you’re about to elevate your aggression level. Players will look up your desperation bets, instead of giving you small pots.

10. Never tell someone that you’re running bad. Players will look to take advantage of your frustration level by trapping you when you bet.