Poker: A Winner’s Attitude

It’s no secret that having a positive attitude will bring more positive results than a negative outlook will. The power of positive thinking has been growing in the developed parts of the world for decades, and recently has had a real surge in popularity. People are discovering that their lives can improve because they’ve adopted a mindset that is based on self confidence, gratitude, and acceptance.

If you have any belief in the law of attraction you have to give some merit to the notion that we create our future experiences mentally first. If you believe that you’re going to suffer ridiculous beats over and over again when you play poker, the law of attraction dictates that’s what will happen. If you believe that you’ve studied the game and you have the skills to play in any poker environment, you’ll eventually experience that.

Mathematical poker players will consider all of this just gambler’s fallacy. They believe that no previous action can have any bearing on the outcome of a future hand once the cards are dealt. But that doesn’t explain the bets we dump because we’ve been losing and are desperate to win it back. A losing attitude leads to poor play and a lack of patience. It’s like being on tilt, except in slow motion.

The professionals know that the only way to win with consistency is to stop fighting the current and to turn around and start swimming downstream, regardless of the bad beats they suffer along the way. Profits are measured in the long term, not from session to session. All you can do is to play your best game each time out.