Poker: Advertising for your Table Image

As you become more advanced in your poker game you need to start to feed your opponent false information about yourself during the game. You know that good players are watching your every move, and that they’re remembering all the plays that you make and what situations you make them in. To combat this you have come up with ways to protect yourself from being easy to predict. One way to prevent that is to display things about your game early in a game that you will not do later on. By doing this you’ll be able to represent different situations later on in the game in a deceptive way to throw smart opponents off what’s really happening.

This can consist of showing bluffs early in a session. You try to make it appear that you’ll play any two cards so that your opponents have difficulty putting you on a safe range during a hand. Or you can make it appear that you’re an extremely tight player by only showing big cards at showdown. Whatever your table image is at the time, you try to play in an opposite way in the later stages of the game.

Remember that advertising plays only works against good players who are experienced enough to recognize them. Don’t be surprised when your friends don’t pick up on the fake style you’re trying to display in your home game, they’re only interested in the cards and how many chips they have left. Save the advertising for games with skilled players, and it can be a useful tool that could make you a lot of chips.