Poker: Choosing the Table for Your Style

Beating a poker game is a difficult task for the best players out there. Luck plays a big factor, and we all know how that can run sometimes. One way to improve your chances in a game is to select the right table for you. This will require that you do a couple of things first. You have to have an understanding of your style of play, and know what tempo of table will be best for you to sit down at. It doesn’t mean that you’ll beat the table every time, but it will increase your chances of winning some bets and dominating the play.

The rule is simple. Once you know what style of player you are, you look for tables that are the opposite of your style. If you play a tight game, then a loose table will be the right one for you. You can sit and wait for big hands and the action will always be there when you get them. If you’re an aggressive player who likes to put the pressure on opponents, then search out games full of tight rocks. You can put the pressure on them and steal blinds, as well as pots after the flop with bets and check-raises.

You can also look for tables with action players and weak novices that will dump chips to you. The hyper-aggressive action players are easy prey if you play them right. Try to sit to the left of them so you act after them. Then just wait for good cards and meet their aggression head-on. The weak players are new to the game and have a limited knowledge of what they’re doing. Play those players straight up, and pump the bets in when you have a big hand. Avoid bluffing them because they often don’t know any better, and will call when they shouldn’t.