Poker: Stay Off the Casino Floor

A percentage of poker players are adrenalin junkies who can’t be out of the action for any length of time. Many well-known poker professionals win millions of dollars on the poker tables, only to turn around and dump it all on casino tables or sports betting. These types of activities are called bankroll leaks, and they can be as detrimental to your poker game as calling down gut straight draws all day.

Proper bankroll management includes only using your poker bankroll for poker games. Not for blackjack or roulette. If you like to sports bet or play casino games you should have separate bankrolls for that activity. That way you can plan it out and control it.

Gambling your poker bankroll will not only deplete it, but you’ll never have accurate numbers on how your poker game is profiting, if indeed it is. Casino games have a completely different variance than poker, and if you don’t consider bet sizes compared to the game you’re playing, your money is not being managed properly.

Find a way to fill your time between poker sessions by doing something constructive. If you enjoy casino games play them with proper casino game bankroll methods so you’re not giving away too much advantage to the house, and if you have a bad day in the casino you’ll still be able to get in a poker session.