Basic Strategy: Playing In Multiple Online Poker Tables

One of the best things about online poker is that it allows you to be in multiple places at once, meaning that there’s always something happening, even if you’re sitting out of a hand at one table. I’ve been playing at three tables a session for a while now and taking some notes so I thought that I’d impart a bit of wisdom for you action junkies looking to get a bit more out of their online play without risking big money. There are a lot of advantages to playing at multiple tables and, yes, a few disadvantages as well.


Your hourly win rate goes up. If you’re winning ten bets an hour at a regular table, you can double your winnings! That’s some easy math.

I personally tend to play much tighter when I’m at more than one table. Because I’m getting in on so many more hands per hour, I’m not itching to play as much and I end up mucking marginal hands pretty brutally.

If you’re distracted easily (I frequently am, I’ll admit,) multiple tables can keep your mind in the game because you’ve always got some kind of decision to make.


You have to be “on” at all times with multi-table play. Focus and discipline are key and you can’t ever play when you’re tired. When you increase the number of tables you’re playing, you cut down on your chances of giving the table the attention it deserves, especially when you’re tired.

It’s likely you’re going to be playing strictly by math and detecting any real patterns in betting is difficult. That’s why I recommend avoiding no limit games, where psychology is key, and instead stick to limit cash games and sit and go tournaments with a low buy-in.


You have to be careful financially. I recommend that all players that are new to multi-tabling in real money poker games drop a step in their betting. In other words, if you’re sitting at the $4/$2 tables, step down to $2/1 for a at just two tables before you start working the tables you used to sit at.

If you can, use four-color decks. It makes it easier to see if there’s a flush without having to stare too hard.

Get a bigger monitor! The bigger the screen, the more you’re able to focus on each hand without straining your eyes.

Hopefully these things I’ve learned by playing can help you become a more profitable online poker player!