Poker: Taking Notes

Anyone that’s been involved in gaming of any kind knows that it’s important to try and gain every edge that you can. The more small edges you get for yourself, the better your chances to make more money. Poker is no different than any other form of gaming in this sense, and dedicated poker players take the time to document any advantage they come across as they play. You should have a notebook where you keep important information that will improve your game.

Your notebook should include a list of weak and action players. These players can be beaten for big profits, and it pays to keep track of every one that you encounter. The next time you come across one of these players you’ll know to sit down at that table. Some online sites allow you to search out players, and if you have a list you can find tables with these players present. That will increase your chances of winning every time you sit down.

You should also track how each session goes. Document if it’s a winning or losing session, and the basic tempo of how it went. Then you can reference your sessions to see if you can find patterns that cause you to lose or win more. Then you can adjust away or towards these patterns that are affecting your play.

Documentation may not cause a drastic change in your results right away, but if you can stick to it, your notes will pay you in the long run. If you want to be a winning player this is a way to dissect your game and learn where you really stand.