Selecting The Right Table In Online Poker

If you want to make the most money from other players at the online poker tables, you need to make sure that you work to pick the right tables at which to play. While there’s no shortage in the number of tables to sit down and play at, how do you determine which ones are the right ones for you? There are two main factor you need to look at: the average number of players per flop and the average pot size. Let’s look at both of these, how they should affect your selection and other ways that the right table can be more profitable.

Average Pot Size
This is the easiest number to understand: the average pot size gives us a numerical indication of how much action the players at the table are giving on average. When compared with the blind amounts, it gives you an idea of how aggressively the players are bidding. The higher the average pot size is, of course, the greater the amount of money you can expect to win when you take a pot.

Average Number Of Players Per Flop
This number tells us how loosely the players at the table are betting and playing. If this figure is high, then it’s obvious that the players have low starting hand requirements and are likely to be, at best, not very good at poker. If the figure is low, however, that means that players are tight and that they’ll only see flops with a good starting hands.

Depending on your style of poker play, the average number of players per flop can mean quite a lot. Let’s say you’re a tight-aggressive player; it will be more beneficial for you to look for tables with the higher number of players per flop and sticking to a strategy by which you pick up the occasional big pots while leaving most of them be. However, if you’re a looser player, then going after the tighter tables will allow you to pick up uncontested pots with a bit of aggression.

Time Of Play, Time Of Day
Frankly, on a site like Bodog, the more serious players can profit a lot more in the evenings. That means that, as a shark, you should play when there’s the most fish in the pool. That means you need to adjust your schedule to play after 6pm, when the recreational players are back from the work and (hopefully) enjoying a drink and relaxing.

Notes, Notes, Notes
Keep track of other players and when you see a particularly fishy one, make a note. If you can put them on the line more than once, it’s more money in your pocket.

By taking the right steps in picking and choosing the poker tables you play it, you stand to make a lot more money with less effort in the long run!