Richmond Residents – Equity Ownership Of Bally’s Richmond Casino Resort

Bally’s Corporation, the developer and operator of the proposed $650 million “Bally’s Richmond Casino Resort,” and finalist in the City’s casino selection process, announced that it will provide the opportunity for all Richmond residents to purchase an equity interest in, and become partial owners of, Bally’s RichmondDavid Walton, a Richmond-based serial entrepreneur, most known for founding the Black Pages of America, will be partnering with Bally’s to roll out the program and will be providing assistance to generate awareness of this crowdfunding round.

Michael Monty, Senior Project Manager of the Bally’s Richmond, commented, “During our recent engagements with the RVA community, we had the fortunate opportunity to inform thousands of Richmonders about Bally’s Richmond. Once Richmonders better understood the proposal, many expressed interest in becoming a part of it. By allowing Richmond residents to own a part of Bally’s Richmond, we are further demonstrating our dedication and commitment to RVA and this project. We look forward to partnering with David Walton on this program, and are excited about the opportunity for Richmonders to own a piece of Bally’s Richmond and benefit from its success as a true stakeholder.”

Bally’s has promised that its casino proposal will be a community-focused project that places Richmond first, and the equity crowdfunding program represents one way for Bally’s to live up to that promise,” said David Walton. “The purpose of the program is to allow all Richmond residents, not just those who may be more fortunate, the opportunity to invest in Bally’s Richmond, and I look forward to working with Bally’s and supporting that effort.”

Given the success of its recent RVA community engagements, Bally’s will host the fourth part of its listening tour on Monday, April 19th, 2021 at Forest Hill Park, 4021 Forest Hill Avenue, Richmond, VA, at 1:00pm ETBally’s encourages Richmonders interested in providing their feedback regarding the casino selection process and the remaining proposals to participate in this event.

Additional information about the equity investment program will be forthcoming.

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