Are There Any Professional Roulette Betting Players?

One of the most entertaining games you can find in a casino is roulette and while it’s recognized as one of the most popular fun games in the neighborhood, it’s also known as one of the more challenging ones. That begs the question: is there such a thing as professional roulette betting players or is the game meant solely for entertainment with the idea of getting out while you’re ahead?


There are a few betting systems out there that online roulette players will use to try and get an edge over the house, although novice players should stick with a minimum-bet method until they get a grasp on how the game is played and which strategies they should employ. Some systems may tell the player to double their bets until they win off a single spin, which can be risky for players of all levels because if you wind up on a long losing skid, you will eventually run out of money. No system or betting knowledge will be able to save you at that point.

With the popularity of roulette constantly on the rise as more players partake in the fun, there are new betting systems that regularly pop up. Many of those systems prey on those that do not know much about the game and think there is a way to hustle the system, which of course, there is not. All these systems will do is lead you on a wild goose chase and if you end up in the hole, you will continue to chase until you get back to even or lose it all; the latter is much more likely to happen than the former.

The odds are the odds

The rules of roulette are simple: you cannot change the odds or gain an advantage, which is why you are not going to find many, if any, professional roulette players that can win consistently. These professionals will focus their time on a game that they have a chance to influence, such as poker or blackjack, but there is no system in roulette that will give you a better chance of winning. You are better off turning your attentions to a game you can somewhat control if you plan on being a professional.

That does not mean you should avoid the game of roulette altogether; once you get a feel for the game, you can have a blast and winning some money as well. But you will never get to the level of being a professional where you can quit your day job (like many Texas Hold ‘Em players do) and roll roulette full-time.

Roulette is the party of the casino, so play it for entertainment purposes and have a hoot when the ball lands on your number.