How to Differentiate Between Flat and Progressive Roulette

Sometimes roulette seems like a game that’s just strictly chance: plop your money down and watch the ball spin around the wheel, and hope that you’re one of the guys that’s cheering at the end of the round.

But the sharp players use a couple of different strategies with how they place their bets. If you are just starting out, get familiar with flat and progressive betting, and it should help you be more profitable in the long run.

Flat betting

Flat betting is probably the best way to start out if you have never played roulette before and it is simply when you pick an amount and wager that every time you make a play. This will allow you to make more sense of how much you are spending and it will be much easier to stick to a budget – even numbers aren’t your strength. It is also the style of wagering that should be used if you are a recreational player that is looking to have some fun with the game and are not in it as a professional. If you would like to win but it’s a lesser priority to the level of entertainment, flat betting is for you.

Progressive betting

Progressive betting is the opposite of flat betting: each time you bet, you increase your amounts. That being the case, sometimes the math can get a bit complicated.

You can go even further with progressive betting as there is a positive type of progressive wagering in which you increase your bets after each win or regress your wagers after a loss. There is no right or wrong method to either of these types of progressive betting; it is simply a matter of timing, getting the right spins and hoping that it works on a certain night.

Choosing between the two

If you are a novice player that is just learning the game or you are simply in it for the fun of roulette, try out flat betting first to get your feet wet. You can create (and stick to) a budget much easier.

If you are an advanced player or even just looking to make things a little more interesting, progressive betting is for you because on your hot streaks, your bank account will increase dramatically. Progressive betting may require a little more discipline to realize when to raise your stakes when the ball is rolling your way and when to lower the stakes when it’s not.

Bankroll management is the key to both of these systems, and you should get a hold on that flat betting first, but once you do, both of these systems can pay off in your roulette game.