Roulette Betting: Inside Betting Strategy

The common perception about roulette is that you pick a number and hope it’s your lucky day. While the biggest payoff comes when the ball lands on your number, there are some safer strategies that pay less but cast a wider net to win.

You’re able to group numbers together in a couple of separate strategies known as inside and outside betting. The outside numbers include sections like reds, blacks, odds and even. While betting those sections tends to be the safer route, let’s have a closer look at inside betting and the bigger payouts that come with it.

There are six different bets you can make on the inside of an online roulette board starting with the straight-up bet, which is when you pick your number. That’s the handsomest paying inside bet to the tune of 35/1. As a matter of fact, it’s the best payout on the table overall.

Then there is a split bet, which is when you are betting on two numbers. Placing your chip on the line separating the two numbers is how you make this bet. You double your chance to cash-in but roughly halve your payout if you win as your odds drop to 17/1.

Street bet is an option when you get to bet three numbers that are sitting in a row in the same line. In some places, this is also referred to as a line bet. The payout for this wager is 11/1 and offers you a little more flexibility than what you will find in the top two bets.

A corner bet is when you are wagering on four numbers. By placing your chip in the middle of the numbers, you are signifying that you would like to make this bet. The four numbers that are touching that corner become your bet, which pays out at 8/1.

Finally, there’s the line bet, which is essentially combining two street bets together to make one single wager. Place your chip on the outer right boundary, which is intersected by the two rows, and that will give you six numbers to play with. If the ball finds one of them, your payout will come in at 5/1.

While the outside betting strategy focuses more on grouping numbers by similarities, the inside betting strategy is all about grouping specific numbers together. The inside strategy also pays out far more as the outside method usually nets you just 2/1 or 1/1 on your bets.

Both strategies have their pros and cons but if you’re looking for a bigger payday, try the inside technique in online roulette with street bets, corner bets and line bets to help you cash in.