Beginners Guide to Playing Slots

Slots, to gamers, are a pretty simple game to play. You just pull the lever and watch the magic happen. But in online slots; there is no lever, just buttons. That’s why if you’re new to the gaming realm it may be difficult to play the first couple of times.

That’s why we’ve decided to give you a quick run through of how the slot machines work online.

Learn this, and you’re on your way to millions right? Well… that’s the plan.

Getting Started

Find the slot that catches your eye and select “real money” if you have cash in your account, or “practice” to play the game for free.

You’ll find the “spin” button on the bottom right. Or, if you’re really lazy, you can use “auto spin” to allow the game to spin on its own up to 200 times. With this little perk you can just sit there and watch the magic happen or wait for a bonus round.

Other buttons on the screen are “bet max” and the amount you wish to wager on each spin. Most offer $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1,00, $2,00, $5,00.

So Many Different Kinds of Slots

Most new slot gamers know one type of casino game, three reels with cherries, bells and sevens. But there’s much more variety than that.

Casino players have several types of slots to choose from. Real-Series Video: the 20 line, multi-denominational slot machines, three-reel traditional slot machines, and five-reel nine line Video Slots with big progressive jackpots.

You know you’re playing a 20-line slot by the numbers one to 20 sitting around the machine. This means if you only choose a few lines to bet on, then you’ll only get credits/paid if the symbols fall on those lines.

You’ll know you’re playing a video slot machine by the interactive videos you see on your screen.

The Effect of Betting the Max

When you have the “bet max” option some may wonder if it’s really necessary. It is if you want to win big. All the biggest jackpots happen if you’re betting the maximum. Some maximums are three credits on each spin, some are 20, make sure you check the game’s rules to find out how much the max will cost.

To win a progressive jackpot you have to bet the maximum, so no $100,000 jackpots for you if you bet one penny.