Should You Play Fixed Or Progressive Slots?

With the number of games you can play in a casino, there is plenty of variety at your fingertips. Even a simple game can be broken down into even more options such as slots, which offers a wide menu to choose from.

It’s not just a different of aesthetics, though. Sure, there are some slot games that might look better or have different looks to them, but what we’re referring to here is the choice between playing fixed or progressive slots. Here’s a breakdown of the difference between the two:

What’s the difference?

First, you should understand what the difference is between the two games and it is really quite simple. Fixed slots offer more chances of winning but the wagers are still the same, which limits the amount of money you can win. Progressive slots are a little more risky as the wagers go up more and more with each round, but the payoff is that you win a lot more. You can make a killing off them, so it really all depends on what type of player you are.

Are you a risk-taker or one that likes to play it safe? If you are the former, progressive slots are for you and if you are the latter, then fixed is probably the way to go.

Know your bankroll

One major question you should ask yourself is what kind of bankroll are you working with? You should always – regardless of the game – ask yourself this question and to go even further, you should set up a budget and stick to it.

If you are a high roller with cash to spare, then you will lean towards progressive slots because the bigger the bet, the more you win. If you are working with a smaller bankroll, then fixed slots would be the way to go.

How experienced are you?

Experience is something that comes into play as well. Remember the old adage, “You have to crawl before you walk”? That pertains to fixed and progressive slots. Think of fixed slots as crawling and progressive slots as walking.

Test out the waters with fixed slots first until you understand the point of the game and then work your way up to fixed slots. Unless you just like to take risks right off the bat, of course, and you have the income to do it.

A balance of progressive and fixed slots is what most experienced players go for as both have their positive and negatives about them. Also, some players just like certain games more than others.

Let your style and bankroll dictate what is best suited for. You never know, if you start off with fixed slots maybe you will work your way up enough that you can lay a little on the progressive side and start experiencing those thrills.