15 Texas Hold’em Tips to Take to the Bank

If you’re just learning how to play Texas Hold’em or even if you’ve been playing Texas Hold’em for awhile, you can always use a few good Texas Hold’em tips. Here are 15 of our favorite tips on how to play Texas Hold’em (better than you’ve ever played it before)…

1. Only play in tournaments that cost less than 5% or your bankroll. Playing bigger ones will deplete it too fast and you’ll have a better chance of going broke.

2. In a live casino you should have at least 200 times the big blind in your bankroll to play in a cash game. That will keep you in the game long enough to deal with your win/loss variance.

3. In an online casino you should have at least 400 times the big blind to play a cash game. The nature of the online game makes for a wider win/loss variance.

4. Search for bonus options when buying into a new poker room. They give you more action for your playing dollar and keep you in the game that much longer.

5. Save your player points for something nice that you really like, or entry into a big tournament. One very nice gift is better than a pile of cheap ones; maximize your freebies.

6. When playing in a re-buy event, decide how many re-buys you want to invest and only take that amount to the game. Don’t re-buy too many times into the same event.

7. Try not to cash out money in your bankroll, the bigger it grows the bigger the action you’ll be able to play, and the more money you’ll be able to make.

8. Take advantage of reload bonuses offered by the poker room. They’re not always available and should be utilized when they are offered. Always check out the terms of the bonus.

9. Play in freeroll tournaments and invitational events that the online poker room might be offering. Anything won in these events is pure profit with no risk to your playing bankroll.

10. Get out of a game that’s not allowing you to play your style successfully. Don’t stay there expecting it to change, find a better game where you can do your thing and make some money.

11. Create a schedule of action for the week so you can control the amount that you’re playing with. Don’t exceed the planned action unless you’ve made some profit during that time period.

12. Stay out of no limit cash games that have numerous players with more than double the buy-in limit. You’ll lose fold equity and will almost always be at risk to get busted.

13. Document your results and find out where you have the most success. Once you know what your best action is, spend most of your playing time playing that game for profit.

14. Play tight games with a loose style and play loose games with a tight style. Steal bets from the scared players and trap the aggressive ones into dumping chips into your big hands.

15. Have the discipline to jump down in stakes levels if your bankroll depletes below the amount required for the table. Don’t stay in the big game with small money, or you’ll be broke in no time.