Texas Hold ‘Em: Micro Moneymaking

Microstakes games are perfect for the beginning player who wants to experience some of the thrill of real money play but doesn’t want to invest a lot in their initial bankroll. These games are one of the best things about playing online poker, as online poker rooms can host these games with extremely low buy-ins with no real cost of operation.

A lot of poker forums feature players that say that micro limits are unbeatable. They’ll claim that players rely too much on luck and with so many players being aggressive because of the low stakes, lucky strikes happen far more often than they would in higher stakes games.

However, consider this: with so many players calling with bad pot odds for their draws and calling huge raises with half a hand, how can you not beat these levels?

Don’t Outplay Your Opponents
Don’t be cocky. Remember that you’re playing for money and not individual pots and so you can get your money in with the best possible hands.

Blinds as low as they are in microstakes games also mean that you can walk away even if you’re already in on the hand. While you shouldn’t have an ego about it, you should realize that you are likely better than the players at these tables and your restraint can make you more money in the end.

Micro limit Players Chase Like Crazy
You should go in and expect that you opponents in micro limits games won’t understand things like pot odds.

If you’re confident in your hand and you bet twice the size of your pot and your opponent calls, you can’t completely rule out that they will have a flush or straight draw, as they probably will not be familiar with pot odds.

Remember that if your opponent has bad odds and calls to try and make his draw, that’s a good thing for you, because you will be winning more money in the long run.

Just be sure to bet a larger amount into the pot when against multiple opponents to give each of them bad odds to call.

Don’t Be Afraid To Lose A Hand
There is a lot of variance at microstakes tables and there’s no real way around it because of the aggressive nature of the players.

If you do buy-in with the maximum and win, you’re going to get a lot of money. If you lose, you’re not really going to lose that much.

Microstakes poker play means that you have to keep track of your wins and losses more carefully and keep an eye on the redline.

Truly profitable microstakes players know how to walk away after they’ve made their money for the session and know how to view each session holistically instead of judging it by the number of pots they didn’t win.