Texas Hold ‘Em: You’re Only Human

Online poker advice takes many forms, and 99% of it has to do with the game itself, whether it’s understanding pot odds or talking about the psychology of position, but there’s one thing that, frankly, isn’t discussed as much as it should be — taking care of your physical well-being when playing. You are, after all, only human and you need to make sure that you keep your mind and body sharp at the tables, even if you’re just clicking a mouse. We’re going to review a few basics that can make it significantly better to spend long hours at your computer.

You Need To Eat Well
It’s a cliché because it’s true: online poker people rarely eat well and they’re fans of snack food. Snack food and poker go hand-in-hand after all, even if you’re playing at home in your pajamas. Instead of reaching for fatty snacks like chips, though, fresh vegetable and fruit slices can give you the same crunch you’re looking for but without the calories. In addition, studies have shown that most people don’t get enough fruit or vegetables in their diet, and choosing to munch on sliced cucumber or oranges wedges can help fill that gap for you. You also will want to make sure you drink enough water.

Go For A Walk
It’s easy to sit down and play online poker for three or four hours straight, especially if you’re on a roll, but one of the best things you can do for your eyes and brain (and butt) is to take a break and hit the treadmill or, better yet, go outside and get some fresh air in you. The link between moderate exercise and increase mental acuity has been proven time and time again and I’ve personally found it to be a great way to blow off steam after a bad beat. Tilt’s your enemy and keeping it at bay is key to making money playing online poker

Get A Good Setup
Invest a little bit in your online poker setup and you’ll find it much more agreeable to play the game, particularly in longer tournaments. Obviously, I recommend spending at least $200 on a decent ergonomic chair — your back will thank you later, but there’s two factors you’re probably ignoring: monitor height and distance. Neck strain is the natural result of looking at a monitor placed at the incorrect height and it can add to the stress of poker play. You’ll also want to make sure your monitor is at the right distance – too close or too far away and your eyes will be strained.

Good ergonomics and healthy living can help you play to win in online poker tournaments!

After all, taking care of you helps take care of your poker game by giving you the endurance and mental agility that can make you a true competitor.