The Slot Squad, Online Casino & Slots Channel launches in Michigan

The Slot Squad has recently launched in Michigan, following the legalization of online casino gaming in the state.

Casino goers and slot fans in the Wolverine state can now tune in to the Twitch channel and witness jackpot wins, enter free giveaways and claim exclusive free bet offers every night from 8pm EST seven days a week.

The channel is hosted by six streamers including residents of Michigan. Each of the six streamers is well versed in the gaming world and bring their own interest and entertainment to the table.


The Slot Squad was brought to life by US Gaining affiliate Wedge Traffic, and is already gaining traction in the state, with hundreds of Michigan residents tuning in every night to learn more about the online casino games on offer in their state.

David Copeland, co-founder of Wedge Traffic, said: “Casino streaming is something which has become hugely popular in Europe, but has not yet broken into America. We are already operating in New JerseyPennsylvania, and West Virginia with great success, and plan to bring that excitement to Michigan.”

The Slot Squad’s audience comes from far and wide, with no restrictions on viewing. In future, more US states are expected to legalize online casino gaming which will undoubtedly broaden opportunities for America’s first legal online casino and slots channel.