Advanced Casino Play: Tips for Optimal Deuces Wild Play

The key to winning consistently in an online casino is playing the games and playing the strategies that give you the best chance to win.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy finding out which one can pay off more consistently than the others.

One of those games is Deuces Wild. This wild and crazy game can give you a return of 100.77 percent.

That’s over 100 percent return for a casino game!

With the help of the Wizard of Odds, here are some tips to ensure you get 100-plus percent.

Deuces Wild Terms

First, you need to know some terms to understand. There are three words you’ll need to know.

Outside Straight: An outside straight is one that can be completed at either end, like 7, 8,9,10. A wild card should not be used to complete an outside straight. For example 2,5,7,8 is not 4 to an outside straight because of the missing 6. However 2,5,6,7 is 4 to an outside straight.

Inside Straight: And inside straight is a straight with a missing inside card, such as 6, 7,9,10.

Penalty Card: A penalty card is a potentially useful discarded card. For example if the player had 3 to a royal and 4 to a flush the optimal play is to keep three to the royal, discarding the fourth suited card and giving him a better chance to get the two cards needed to win. The discarded suited card would be called a flush penalty card because it could have been used to complete a flush.

Deuces Wild Tips

Suited 7-10-J beats suited 10-J if either king and ace discards, or queen discard without 8.

Play four cards to an inside straight over three to a straight flush if there is a straight penalty card to the straight flush.

Play two to a royal flush, queen high, over three to a straight flush, when 6 or 7 high.

Play two to a royal flush, queen high, over four to an inside straight if there are no flush penalty cards and a fully open straight possibility. An example of a fully open straight is a suited 10-Q and unsuited 5-

K-A the player has a full chance at a Q-J-10-9-8 straight.

Discarding everything is better than: Two to a royal flush, king high with one penalty card; Two to a royal flush, Ace high; and three to a straight flush Ace low.

Hopefully some of these tips help.